Kipchumba Murkomen Feels the Wrath of Kenyans For Speaking at the Wrong Time

Kenyans on Twitter have fired back at Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen after his ‘succession fever should not disrupt Kenya’s plans’ comment.

“People are unnecessarily whipping up emotions. There is no justification for the heightened political emotions in the country,” Murkomen said via Twitter on Friday evening.

“People should just be calm. Succession fever should not disrupt our plans, programmes and projects.”

Murkomen’s remarks comes after women leaders across the political divide lashed out at leaders engaging in early campaigns, warning that they will polarise the country.

Led by Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga, they said they will visit the 47 counties to preach peace.

They said voters should reject leaders hell-bent on plunging the country into divisive 2022 succession politics.

But Murkomen’s remarks did not sit well with his followers on social media.

@Nganga_Mwaura said “ona huyu. watupa hekaya za abunwasi ilhali wewe ndio namba moja kuchangia mswada wa succession. shame on you.”

“The politicians should cease and desist discussion of 2022 and media houses should give those that continue to discuss it a total black-out. We’re sick of it already,” @Jackie_Arkle said.

@Footman28870216 said “When you equip politicians from western, upper Rift, parts of central. ”

He added “Two spoiler governors from the coast and a vocal woman politician from the coast to sing succession songs to your mentor what do you expect? First you should shut down your choir; and then we shall calm down.”

“Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. All what mwananchi wants is for the leaders to deliver services. If only leaders could be competing in terms of who has done the best project than the other, we could be doing better,” @sheibahati said.

Leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto have been accused of engaging in early campaigns through their tangatanga movement.

National Assembly Majority Whip Benjamin Washiali, a close Ruto ally, defended early campaigns, however, saying that as leaders they must direct voters how to vote in 2022.

@mosejuma said “I can tell you without blinking an eye that you are one of those people.”

“Nynyi ndo mnaleta na kuendeleza hii siasa mbaya ya chuki porojo na duni. If all leaders can concentrate on making the world (Kenya) a better place inaeza kua fiti sana,” @otengelo said.

@OneKE254 said “Kenya is not a private company to have boardroom succession strategies. We the people, in democratic elections, choose our leaders.”

“Nyinyi watu wa Ruto ndio shida. You Ruto becoming president is our country’s problem. Style up and invent new ways of campaigns. In today’s world, people lobby. And Ruto becoming president or not is not Kenya’s achievement,” @obuyaotieno said.

@NyingiT1 said “But you’re the same people causing the storm. Constituents sing to the tune of politicians, you press the keyboard and it will sound.”

“Stop taking Kenyans for a ride by being sarcastic. Your so called dp Ruto is not going anywhere. He is in the same period like mourihno’s last minutes in Manchester united,” @kenyandemocrat said.

But other users agreed with Murkomen’s sentiments adding that leaders should focus on development.

“Well put my senior, focus should be on development,” @AkotoCraig said.

@PilisiEvans said “Nice rebuttal sir and tell Dr Ruto to continue keeping a blind eye to the ongoing talks.Time will come when the value of X will be sought.”

“Its those scared of eminent defeat, that are screaming hoarse. They think they are scare crows to intimidate Dr Ruto,” @IbraKaaye said.

‏@IsaacKipruto10 said “Everything is revolving around @WilliamsRuto sijui mbona watu after kuogopa mungu ni William wanaogopa.”

In December, AU envoy Raila Odinga bashed those leaders who are keen on talking about 2022 succession instead of development.

Raila said it was high time for the legislators to give Kenyans a break.

He reiterated that the famous handshake between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta early in the year is meant to have a government that accommodates all regardless of political and tribal affiliations.

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