Ngunjiri’s Message to Raila Over His Documented Record of Confusion

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A good number of Kenyans love and care about Opposition Chief Raila Odinga. Many see him as a political God with his support base in the Country so big that no political equation can apparently be solved without him coming into the picture.

With all his popularity also comes a section of Kenyans that have always been opposed to him and see him as the source of problems in this country. One such person is Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri

Ngunjiri has blamed Raila Odinga for being the source of chaos and confusions that have currently rocked the ruling Jubilee Party. Asked what he would tell Raila Odinga should they meet, Ngunjiri said that he would remind the AU High envoy for Infrastructure of his documented record of confusion.

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“We know your history and have documented your record of confusion. We know wherever you go there must be confusion and that is what you have brought to our Jubilee house,” said Ngunjiri.

“Include the DP in your equation. If you divide, history will judge you.” he added.

On Ruto, Ngunjiri was quick to assure the DP that the Presidency is his and that he should not be worried about anything. He even called on Ruto and his community to exercise Patience and not beat war drums.

“You won with Uhuru. You have worked so hard. Be calm and patient and God will reward you. Let your community not join in beating war drums. If it [the presidency] is meant for you, no one will take it. We have seen great cohesion between Kikuyus and Kalenjins because you chose to work with one of our own,” he said.

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