Dead on Arrival? Kimani Ngunjiri Speaks on the Future of Washenzi Movement

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Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri burst into the limelight after taking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘washenzi’ slur personally. Thought to be in hiding as police sought him, he has come out to deny claims he was being sponsored by Deputy President William Ruto.

Kimani Ngunjiri has time and again insisted that the President has substituted his assistant with Nasa leader Raila Odinga, warning him that ‘people are watching’.

He has however denied being sponsored by DP Ruto to cause chaos and confusion in the Jubilee Camp saying that his age and principals do not allow him to get bribed.

On the Washenzi movement, Ngunjiri said that he is not serious about it and that he just wanted to make a statement. He has said that he is past such movements and that there is no such formation.

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“That was just a statement from boys having a talk. They made the T-shirts. We are past such movements and there’s no such formation,” he said.

Ngunjiri has said that he was forced to make a statement since he was not happy with President Uhuru’s Washenzi remarks stating that as Jubilee members they felt betrayed.

He has faulted the President for abusing them for asking for development.

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“I was not happy with [Uhuru’s] washenzi remarks. The environment where he made them was wanting … We felt betrayed.

We are demanding our rights in constituencies just like anyone else. When others demand, he doesn’t abuse them, but we who voted for him are abused, and that is not fair.

Projects are undertaken countrywide under CDF and devolution, but we are demanding a share of the national cake. In Bahati, I have no single tarmacked road. He promised me dams in 2013, nothing has been done … I know there are other priorities, but I am just airing my views so I can be remembered,” he said.

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