Ngunjiri’s prophecy on the collapse of Uhuru’s Big Four Agenda

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri is seemingly not the biggest fan of the handshake. Raila’s relationship with the President Uhuru Kenyatta is not what Kimani sees as the best option.

Although the President has been keen criticizing the politicians for spreading too much politics that overshadow his big four agenda, kimani Ngunjiri has prophesied the fall of his Big four agenda.

According to Ngunjiri the mole that will cause the massive collapse is the one currently in his coat.

Ngunjiri said though they support the friendship between Raila and Uhuru, they are convinced that the move has done more harm to Jubilee than expected.

“We know Raila is a man of confusion. It is his history that everywhere he goes confusion must erupt and that is what has just happened to us. If we continue with such we are likely going to see people go back to their tribal lines and in the end, his Agenda 4 will collapse,” he said.

Ngunjiri sentiments come has the President continues to put more focus to ensure that the Big Four Agenda becomes a reality. His legacy is all enshrined in the achievement of the Big Four Agenda.

The President is more than ready to defend his legacy in the big four agenda. He want his development track to stand out.

Will the handshake really cause the collapse of the Big Four Agenda?

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