Kimani Ngunjiri Wades into the Thorny Jubilee Political Debt World

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Bahati MP Kimani has of late made headlines for all the wrong reasons but one thing that stands out about the Legislator is the fact that he says what is in his mind without fear. This is a man that has publicly criticized the head of state.

The issue of whether there is an existing Memorandum of Understanding between Uhuru and Ruto with regards to the 2022 Presidential race has caused great division in the Jubilee Camp and among the duos supporters.

On his part, MP Ngunjiri said they are reading betrayal in Uhuru’s latest moves against the DP.

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He has however confirmed that Jubilee Party does not have any MoU to back Ruto in 2022 but maintained that the Mt Kenya region has a role to return a hand to Ruto for supporting Uhuru in his two terms.

“I can confidently say that Mt Kenya has no debt. It is however common knowledge that if someone has done you so well you return the favour. If I buy you, for instance, three beers it is only wise that you buy me one and that is how it goes,” he said.

He said Uhuru’s remarks that Kenyans should be in for a shock in relation to the 2022 race has left a storm within the party.

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“It is not automatic that we support Ruto come 2022. But when the president says there will be a shocker yet he has been demanding that we support DP Ruto then we feel betrayed and cheated,” Ngunjiri noted.

“Why should he, for instance, travel to Mombasa and invite opposition leader who has been fighting him over the years to discuss matters of a cabinet as it is being rumoured?. Ruto has shown dedication, he is busy launching projects here and there yet my president is letting him down,” he added.

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