From Slapping a Police Woman to the Mshenzi Campaign, Why Ngunjiri thrives in Controversies

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Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has of late made headlines for all the wrong reasons. His remarks on President Kenyatta’s Presidency and relationship with DP William Ruto has not only caused confusion and internal wrangles in Jubilee but has also angered the head of State.

For those who know Kimani Ngunjiri, this is not the first time that the Legislator is engaged in controversy. It seems as if the lawmaker thrives in creating chaos and controversies wherever he goes.

On April 8, 2016, after he managed to capture the parliamentary seat after two decades of a false start, Ngunjiri found himself in trouble when he assaulted a traffic policewoman.

The legislator was held at Nakuru Central Police Station when he trying to convince the police that he was assaulted by a policewoman.He reported that the policewoman ought to have been arrested since she had physically assaulted him and directed obscenities at him. The traffic policewoman had lodged similar complaints, saying the MP was arrogant.

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The case was settled out of court after he had pleaded not guilty to the charges.I

n June 11, 2016, Ngunjiri was summoned by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) over allegations of hate speech.He was captured on video addressing rowdy youths who were attempting to storm a hotel in Nakuru where opposition leader Raila Odinga was holding a meeting with local professionals and party officials.

The MP allegedly told the young people to ensure that members of a certain community leave Nakuru Town and its environs “immediately”.But his fellow legislator of Nakuru town east David Gikaria defended him saying the MP rescued Raila from rowdy youths who had vowed to eject him out of the meeting.

Ngunjiri began his political career after retired President Moi helped him solve a land issue in Kiamunyi.

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According to him, a white man had promised to sell him a piece of land. The deal, however, went sour after a rich and influential man got interested in the house and a deal was hatched to evict Ngunjiri.

Sensing defeat in the struggle for the piece of house, Ngunjiri jogged his mind and laid a strategy.

He waited for former President Daniel Moi’s motorcade as he drove from his Kabarak home to Nakuru State House, armed with his records on the purchase of the piece of land, Ngunjiri decided to do the unimaginable: he jumped in the middle of the road as Mtukufu Rais waved to the crowd.

He caught the presidential security guard unaware and by the time they tried to whisk him away Moi told them to ‘wachana na yeye’ in his usual heavy accented Kiswahili.

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Moi ordered his security ‘boys’ to have Ngunjiri rode with him in one of his escort motorcade up to State House where he narrated his misery at the hands of a rich and influential man who wanted to swindle him a piece of land he had worked so hard to have.

He would later to be picked as the Nakuru Kanu Branch chairman where he made a name for himself – politically.

Although, Ngunjiri’s profile states that he attended Michinda Secondary school in Elburgon  and went to Bavuni Primary School, some constituents have petitioned the Ethic and Anti Corruption Commission to look into his academic documents claiming he may not have attained Secondary Education.

Ngunjiri has never been employed. He started as been a businessman after he completed secondary school.He has worked as a manager in his father’s farm and also ventured in the charcoal business, matatu driver, selling scrap metal and farming. He has also been involved in sales business where he owns tractor and lorry businesses.

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