“It did not come easy” Ali Kiba narrates his journey to stardom

Bongo star Ali Kiba has recently opened up about the highs and lows in the music industry.

He is one of the artists who has been in the game for over 12 year and he says that his success did not come easy for him.

Some artists usually have a smooth ride into fame but clearly this was not him.

Ali Kiba explained that he had to hustle for about 4 years before his song hit and earned him an amount that he managed to build his mother a house.

His journey started way back in 2003 but it is his 2007 song ‘Cinderella’ that made him known to Tanzania and beyond.

Some of the  artists that were among the best during the time he was starting off now do not have  a stable career.

Music being a dynamic space that is constantly changing, Kiba says it is tough to remain relevant but what is important is to keep up with the changes and putting in extra efforts.

Kiba, surrounded with (friends) artists who were already making it in the space back then, he had to learn that that connection alone could not offer him success in the industry.

There was more to that, to learn how to make the most of the talent he had and this called for him to work hard.

Today, Ali Kiba is among the popular artists across East Africa. His music over time has continued to progress and earned him recognition.

Apart from the music industry, Ali Kiba has also joined in to the business world as he launched his product in the market.

On whether he sees  day when he will have had enough of music, Kiba says that he has not though of it yet but will continue to give his fans blissful entertainment

But with all this there was a price he paid and it was indeed worth it.

What do you think about Ali Kiba’s  music and his journey in the industry?



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