“Njaanuary” made easy!How a supermarket attendant flew away with employer’s Ksh. 1.5M

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January is always the hardest month of the year, with Kenyans referring to it as Njaanuary following the hardships encountered in the month. Ways to survive is what everyone looks for. A supermarket attendant allegedly took off with Ksh1.5 million from his employer in Mbale town, Vihiga County.

A local daily reported that the 23-year-old man was an employee at Sairam Supermarket and is said to have committed the act on New Year’s eve.

According to the supermarket owner Yatin Patel, the supermarket was locked at around 9pm on December 31.

“When we opened the supermarket at 8am the following morning, it was discovered that the safe had been broken into and that the cash was missing,” Patel told the police.

Vihiga divisional police commander Justin Nyagah noted that the suspect was positively identified after police watched CCTV footage.

When the suspect was apprehended on Wednesday, Ksh1.2 million of the cash was recovered in his house.

Nyagah revealed that his officers found the money stashed behind his television stand.

“My officers visited the scene immediately and launched an investigation. We want to gather all the relevant information,” he added.

However, Ksh300,000 and a mobile phone used to make transactions at the supermarket are still missing.

An accomplice in the heist and a watchman at the supermarket is still at large.n

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