Harmonize’s former manager narrates experience in working with the artist


Harmonize Former Manager Mr Puaz has recently shared his experience in working with the artist.

The manager says that gained so much from working with the talented Singer and added that he shared with him so many techniques.

As we all know one of the challenges of the Singer was on his English speaking skills.

Mr Puz says that  he encouraged him to keep speaking and taught him the basics  in expressing himself.

Speaking to Wasafi Media, Mr Puz says that Harmonize is a fast learner and after several interviews it became easier for him to express himself.

When he was questioned about the rumors that led to their split,  Mr Puz mentioned that it is usual for human beings to disagree.

Rumours had it that the disagreement had reached to a point where the artist used to travel in a different plane  with his manager which is unusual.

Seems like things ended up ugly between the duo since the former manager implies that   things might have gone off the limits.

He also added that the problem with most Tanzanian artists is that they are overpowered by fame.

Even though his career might have ended in the rocks, Mr Puaz wished him all the best and gave his advise saying that he should not be drawn away by the money fame or women and always have a good attitude.


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