Secondary school graduates from 60 Es to devil worshiping and lesbianism

The Kenya National Union of Teachers has defied the court and declared that the strike by its members will begin today ahead of the opening of schools tomorrow.

However another trouble is looming at Nyakach Girls’ High School in Kisumu county between parents and teachers ahead of term one opening day on Wednesday, December 2.

The whose results were cancelled in 2013 and attained a mean score of 8.6 after registering 566 candidates for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2014 is once again on the spot.

Concerned parents have accused the school Principal Veronica Opala of among other things failure to curb lesbianism within the institution and suspected devil worshiping.

Philipe Fred.

In what looks like a serious mass action, printed posters have been pinned on walls of strategic business premises at Oboch stage calling on fruit vendors, boda boda operators, suppliers and other stakeholders to join in.

Through their community chairperson R.O. Opija, they also seek answers on the institution’s inability to pay suppliers, poor diet, and poor results in the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams.

Further, Opija is concerned about the school general mismanagement and frustration of workers most of whom are teachers and fruit vendors. “I can now authoritatively say that the principal of Nyakach Girls’ High School in Nyakach constituency should vacate the institution. Proper arrangements are underway to prevent the lady from entering the school when the schools open,” Ombalo Agwanda, parent

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