Obama shares secret to being real ambassadors of change

The end of the year comes off with positive vibes and even the former US President Barack Obama has shared thought provoking messages to serve as an inspiration as we usher in the New Year.

Barack Obama has challenged individuals to make a commitment by finding something you want to change in your community and take the first step toward changing it.

Contrary to his words of wisdom, many people procrastinate when it comes to the decision of impacting communities with change.

Adding on to his little recipe, in a thread of tweets, he shared a list of young leaders who  have inspired him this year. Have a look.

  • Leaders like Dejah Powell, who started an organization to bring health and wellness resources to communities on the South Side of Chicago, expanding food access and providing people the space and time to take care of themselves.
  • Leaders like Moussa Kondo and Sandor Lederer, who are each doing their part to fight corruption in their native countries of Mali and Hungary. Two people separated by continents but united in their pursuit of a more just, transparent society.
  • Leaders like Hong Hoang, who mobilized a youth-led movement to create a greener world after becoming the first Vietnamese person to visit Antarctica.

Leadership is a calling and if all this does not give you a little motivation then you should at least have a sense of self drive.

He concludes his list saying that this could be possible and a reality to anyone who is passionate about change.

“I hope you find inspiration in the stories of Dejah, Moussa, Sandor, Hong and Jonny. Their journeys began with a decision to build the better future they wanted to see. The same is true for you. What matters isn’t the size of the step you take; what matters is that you take it.” reads tweet

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