Msupa S fires back at Femi One for branding her ‘Comedian’

Msupa S has responded to the savage attack by Femi One who suggestively said that she does not deserve the title ‘artist’  but instead she is a comedian.

Msupa S fired back saying that Femi One should live knowing that she is an artist. “I might be a comedian  naturally but for me I am an artist.” she added

She spoke of  a line up of collabos that she has planned to  drop come 2019 and thanked her fans for the support they have given her throughout the year.

The beef or rather heated exchange between the two heightened after  Msupa S savage attack when she said that Femi One is poor and talentless.

Femi One during a live interview said that Msupa s  was just like a wave ‘githeri man’ which was just passing.

The exchange continued when Msupa S added that Femi One has been provoking her to get into a feud with her so that she can gain some fame.

Msupa S however warned Femi One to try her games with someone else as she can end up giving her a lesson of her lifetime.

The cat fight has been on for a while and even though people would see it as immature behavior, Msupa S thinks that Femi one is the one who should grow up and stop seeking attention and fame by using her.

“Hello Hello my pretty people. Nmeskia kuna mtu anataka nimtukane ndo ajulikane. Asitafute kiki na mimi. Ntamtoa mbio mbaya sana.  don’t try me. Grow up woman!” tweeted Msupa S.

In the music industry, Msupa S is making big strides as her last big announcement was her coming soon collabo with Otile  Brown.

Although many still doubt it,  In a tweet, the singer said that she loves Otile Brown’s music and clearly this is big for her.

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