Will Luhyas ever Produce a President?

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa and ANC's Musalia Mudavadi on Wednesday, December 26, 2018. /JOHN NALIANYA

Luhya leaders failed to meet supporters’ expectations of unveiling a 2022 presidential candidate after a meeting in Vihiga on Wednesday.

A major announcement was expected during the Maragoli Cultural Festival after Moses Wetang’ula (Ford K), Eugene Wamalwa (Devolution CS) and Musalia Mudavadi (ANC) met earlier at the Amani leader’s home in Mululu.

Lugari MP Ayub Savula declared leaders had decided Mudavadi would be the flag bearer, but other leaders read from different scripts. “We have had a meeting together with all leaders early his morning and decided that our sole flag bearer is Musalia Mudavadi,” he said.

Savula’s statement irked Eugene and Wetang’ula who were seen in the main dais shaking their heads. When Wetang’ula stood to speak, he denied they had agreed on one candidate and instead said they were still having talks.

“We are still talking, but one thing we are certain is we will remain united like Siamese twins ,”he said. Meanwhile, MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto dismissed the Luhya unity bid, saying it was an exercise in futility.

They are Didmus Barasa (Kimilili), Dan Wanyama (Webuye West), and Sirisia’s John Waluke.

Speaking separately on the phone, they said the leaders showed they were not serious about achieving Luhya unity. Wanyama said the event was “hot air” aimed at directing personal attacks against Ruto.

“It would have made a lot of sense if they told the Mulembe nation whom they had decided to support rather than turning a cultural event into a centre for insults,” he said.

Sirisia MP John Waluke called the event an exercise in futility, saying if the leaders were serious, they would have agreed on one person. “We all know the people behind those kind of theatrics. I can assure that they are not interested in Luhya unity at all,” he said.

Barasa wondered which unity the leaders were talking about yet they “are always attacking leaders from the region with divergent political opinions”.

“You cant talk of unity when all you are doing is abusing other leaders instead of extending an olive branch,” he said.

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