Makueni Husband from hell and the shocking Domestic Violences of 2018

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This year has literally seen it all. Women have made power moves while others suffered gender-based violence leaving some physically disabled.

In fact, sometime this year, the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) released a very shocking report on gender based-violence. According to FIDA, there were 2,182 domestic violence cases between January and June this year.

Let’s revisit some of those who were reported and caused public outrage.

1. Makueni ‘husband from hell’

A video surfaced online of a man later identified as Nzomo raining kicks, blows and slaps on a woman in Kitonyini, Kya-ka location, Makueni County. In the clip, some people were heard pleading with the man to stop beating the woman identified as Evelyn Mwende, but doing little to help her.

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Kenyans took to social media to condemn the man and the spectators, a move that attracted the attention of The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji who called on the police to investigate and prosecute a man.

The man was later prosecuted and jailed for 12 years.

2. Kisii man chops wife’s hand

Ms Edna Kemuma

A 25-year-old man identified as Evans Kengere shocked the nation in August this year after he chopped off the hands of his 21-year-old wife Ednah Kemuma.

Kemuma told journalist that she had just arrived at her parents’ home from the market when she received a phone call from her husband asking her to meet him outside her parents’ compound.

She further added that her husband fled from the scene with her mobile phone after he chopped her left hand, she then raised an alarm after which her relatives rushed her to the hospital where she found herself after becoming conscious.

 3.Woman beats male customer over unpaid Sh200 beer debt

A video of a lady dressed in black tossing a drunkard man around on a dusty ground after the chap allegedly refused to pay for his drink made rounds on social media in August this year.

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According to the video, the inebriated man lied down with his shirt unbuttoned and trousers covered in dirt as he received the beating. The annoyed lady kept kicking his face as she constantly demanded for her money.

This video again caused a stir among social media users, attracting the attention of DPP Noordin Haji who then asked members of the public to provide information on the name of perpetrator, the date, and location of the incident.

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