Premier League standings: Liverpool lead by 4 points, Tottenham is only 2 points behind Manchester City

The 18th round games of the Premier League have all finished at the end of last weekend. In this round, Manchester City and Chelsea, the two giants, lost the game out of expectation. Manchester United got a 5-1 big victory after the new manager’s arrival. With a 4-point advantage, Liverpool stays in the first place and is the champion for the first half of the season. At the same time, the three London giants are competing for two Champions League seats.

英超积分榜:利物浦4分优势领跑 热刺仅差曼城2分

After 18 rounds, Liverpool got 15 wins and 3 draws and still remains unbeaten. The Red Army scored 39 goals while only lost 7. With 48 points, Liverpool temporarily ranks the first in the Premier League standings. If they can continue to maintain such a good performance and winning rate, Liverpool can get 101 points after 38 rounds this season. It will even exceed the Premier League’s single-season scoring record of 100 points that was created by Manchester City last season. This can also show that how strong Liverpool is in the league this season.

Last season, Manchester City was always the leader throughout the whole season and there was almost no strong opponent. Now, Liverpool has the same high score this season, but there are several very oppenets competing for the final trophy. Liverpool’s biggest opponent is undoubtedlly the defending champion Manchester City. In this round, Manchester City lost to the Crystal Palace by 2-3 at home unexpectedly. Currently, they ranks the second with 44 points and are only 4 points behind the Liverpool.

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Liverpool only lost 7 goals in 18 league matches this season, which shows that they have the best defense performance in the Premier League, while Manchester City scored 50 goals in 18 rounds and their performance in offensive side is the beat. It can be said each team both has their own strengths. In general, a team good at defensive will have a advantage in the long-term competition. Liverpool is currently 4 points ahead of Manchester City. It can be said that the Red Army has become the biggest favourite in the Premier League this season.

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At the beginning of the season, Chelsea also showed the good status of winning the title, but their performance has begun to decline recently. In this round of the game, they lost to Leicester City by 0-1, and have fallen to the fourth in the standings with 37 points. Chelsea coach Sarri has said frankly that the team is no longer able to catch up with Liverpool and Manchester City. Their goal this season is to keep in the top four and qualify for the Champions League next season.

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Tottenham and Arsenal are also competing for qualifying the Champions League next season. They are from London like Chelsea. Tottenham, with 42 points, is in third place right now, and Arsenal, who once had a bad start this season, has returned to the right track and currently has 37 points that is same with Chelsea.

英超积分榜:利物浦4分优势领跑 热刺仅差曼城2分

Considering that Manchester United is ranking sixth with only 29 points, 8 points behind Chelsea and Arsenal, the Red Devils have little hope of entering the top four. Liverpool and Manchester City have high possibility to end this season as the top four,  and Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal, the London top three, will compete for the rest two places.

英超积分榜:利物浦4分优势领跑 热刺仅差曼城2分

Although Manchester United is currently ranked sixth in the Premier League standings, they are only 5 points ahead of the 12th West Ham. It can be said that the teams in this range (6th to 12th) are expected to compete for the Europa League qualification next season. In terms of the small points difference, maybe after one or two rounds of the league, great changes will happen.

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The situation in the relegation zone is also complicated. The Premier League’s newly promoted Fulham spent hundreds of millions of euros in transfer market  this summer, but the results are not ideal. They have already changed the manager to Ranieri to lead the team out of the bad situation. Fulham has only 10 points now and ranks the last, but there is still hope to get out of the relegation zone.

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At present, Huddersfield and Fulham only have 10 points, Burnley 12 points, Cardiff City 14 points, Southampton 15 points, Newcastle 17 points, Crystal Palace 18 points. The points gaps between these teams are small and these team all have possibility ro relegate.

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