Wyre renews vows with the love of his life

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Love is such a beautiful thing that does not deserve to be messed by lime light that come with being couples in public scrutiny as a result of fame.

To celebrities that have managed to escape this nightmare, the union is so amazing that Singer Wyre the best example is counting his blessings secretly again.

Wyre The Love Child, is one of the most celebrated and loved artistes in the 254. His sound is unique and we’ve managed to go with the flow and feel every moment.

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He is a very secretive man, who doesn’t mix family business with his music career. Many of us have never even seen his family, while others are often surprised when they learn that he is a husband and a father.

He prefers keeping his private life just that and he’s among the few Kenyan celebrities who are rarely linked to any scandals or controversies.

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Wyre has been married to his wife for approximately ten years now. Even when the wedding took place, not many knew he was officially off the market.

Well, Wyre has decided to renew his vows with the love of his life Hanifa. In an invite only ceremony that was held at Lerruat Log Resort in Kajiado County, Wyre made sure that his wife felt as loved as the first day they said ‘I Do’ to each other.

Wyre renews his vows in a colourful ceremony

Love always wins

Posted by Kiss 100 Kenya on Sunday, 23 December 2018

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