Kuria advises Uhuru to sack state employees through handshake

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Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has said President Uhuru Kenyatta needs to use his handshake deal with Opposition leader Raila Odinga to sack half of employees in the country’s bloated public service to cut down huge wage bill.

Kuria said Kenya had been for over two years caught in high debts and inactive private sector traps which had denied citizens something to celebrate and could push the country to economic recession in 2019.

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In a Facebook post, on Saturday, December 22, Kuria said enough was enough and some civil servants needed to be send home to cut down on the annual wage bill of over KSh 1.5 trillion.

He said the country needed to send half of over 700,000 public service employees home if it wanted to experience economic growth. “We must milk the handshake to fix our economy. We must take advantage of it to reform the civil service through a massive voluntary early retirement that will retrench at least half of public workers,” said Kuria.

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He expressed worry the current unstable economic situation that had stalled since two elections in 2017 could get worse if such radical measures would not be taken.

“We can no longer bandage this wound any more. Open the emergency room and call in the surgeon,” Kuria said in a message apparently directed to Uhuru.

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