Joho settles Ommy Dimpoz hospital bill

Tanzanian Bongo artist  Omary Nyembopopularly known as  Ommy Dimpoz has finally been discharged from a German hospital where hye was admitted early this week after his health condition worsened.

While confirming his father Faraji Nyembo spoke to the press thanking his fans and friends for praying for his son as well as thanking  Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho for coming through for them and helping them pay for the hospital bills.

The  singer was discharged from the University Hospital of Dusseldorf on Saturday.

He further said in his statement that, “Mwanangu sasa anaendelea vizuri kwani upasuaji aliofanyiwa umempa nafuu na hivi ninavyoongea na wewe ameruhusiwa kutoka hospitali nchini Ujerumani na yupo Kenya anakofanyia kliniki yake akisimamiwa na meya wa Mombasa ambaye ndiye anayempatia msaada wa matibabu.

Following a throat surgery in South Africa early this year, Dimpoz has been in and out of hospital due to complications.

A few days ago, the singer was flown to Germany for treatment after his condition worsened despite several visits to hospital.

This was the second time Ommy was admitted in hospital. In april he was admitted in South Africa and came out well and strong.

According to the doctors, his tests indicated he could have been poisoned.

Hastily, he flew to a hospital in South Africa where extensive treatment began, and they ruled out any cancer.

Again, the poison question popped up and he denied having ever taking any.

Given his options, he decided to go for a permanent solution through surgery which meant he would have an esophagus replacement.

A date was set and he urgently went under the knife.

Having been warned by the doctors about the risks and possibility of losing his life, he underwent the procedure and by God’s grace he came out in one piece.

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