Kalenjins top charts in athletics and now corruption

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The Kalenjin community is feeling targeted in the ongoing war on graft. However, for some strange reason, most of those who have been arrested in connection to corruption cases in the country are people from the land of milk and honey.

And guess what? The leaders from the Rift Valley are not amused and have now accused the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti and the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji of targeting ‘their people’ in the war against corruption.


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Allies to the Deputy President William Ruto have claimed that the war on graft is targeting Kalenjin professionals to scuttle his 2022 State House bid. Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei said in Eldoret saif that Haji and Kinoti are only trying to gain popularity with Kenyans.

However, DCI Kinoti has dared those promoting the narrative of selective prosecution to take their evidence to court in their defence submissions.

“Why are they saying we are targeting people, some of whom we don’t know or have no issue with? Why can’t they give the defence information that they are targeted as a tribe and bring it as a formal argument? We are ready to counter it,” Kinoti said.


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The DCI Chief told the Rift Valley leaders that the cases before the court are built on facts collected during probes and are based on the rule of law.

“When we wake up every morning, we don’t know where we’re heading but are led by the facts we collect in the field. These facts are tested in court.”

Of the Kalenjins arrested include National Hospital Insurance Fund Chief Finance Director, Wilbert Kurgat who is involved in the NHIF Scandal involving the loss of Ksh. 93 million. Kurgat and the NHIF CEO were accused of obstructing ongoing graft investigations at the insurance company.


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Another one from the Rift who was recently arrested is Joe Sang, the Chief Executive at the Kenya Pipeline Company. Sang was accused of having a hand in the Ksh. 1.9 billion Kisumu Oil Jetty scandal.

In the scandal at the National Cereal and Produce Board (NCPB), Kisumu Silo Manager Willy Kipkoech and Eldoret Silo Manager Renson Kibet Korir were arrested in connection to the Ksh. 5.6 billion maize scandal.

Other suspects from the Rift include those involved in the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal and Ex Kenya Power CEO Ben Chumo who was arrested in connection to the procurement of faulty transformers.

Lugari MP Ayub Savula was also nabbed on a weekend over the Ksh. 122 million graft at the Government Advertising Agency.


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The DCI boss is however unmoved by the claims from the Rift and has said that nothing will change on the arrests.

“The previous experiences were that when we arrested someone, we were served with court orders stopping the same. So, we followed the saying: If humans learned to shoot without missing, we have to learn to fly without perching,” he said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has also backed up the DCI and maintained that the government’s fight against corruption is not targeting any particular community but on graft suspects. He further called on leaders to stop dragging their communities in graft cases involving people from their tribes.


Why do you think there are so many Kalenjins involved in graft cases?

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