Sonko urges Kenyans to lobby for increase of resources in counties


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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has today urged Kenyans to vouch for  increase of resources in counties.

This plea came earlier today during a meeting with Commission on Revenue Allocation officials in Nairobi.

Sonko said that they are happy with the additional revenue allocated to the biggest cities and towns after several months of engagement.

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“Our urban counties face unique challenges. From the large informal settlements, infrastructure that was neglected for decades, and population pressures on service delivery, our issues are unlike what you will find in other towns.” he said

The National Government still retains the lion’s share of national resources and we want this revised even up to 50% of the national revenues collected.

Sonko added that the referendum that Kenyans are urging for should not only address issues of representation, but also push for an increase of the resources that go to the 47 county governments.

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Addressing the issues that the county is currently facing, Sonko spoke of garbage collection as well as proper housing.

Sonko also added that a number of international companies have shown interest in partnering with the Nairobi county to solve the issues of garbage in the county.

He also mentioned of the governments plan to eradicate slums by ensuring that Kenyans live in good conditions.

He called upon Nairobians to show and give their full support in developing the county.


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