Dedan Kimathi’s daughter denies conning Mau Mau veterans

Dedan KImathi's daughter Evelyn Kimathi. /FILE

Daughter to the late Mau Mau veteran Dedan Kimathi has dispel claims that her foundation is conning freedom fighters under the pretext of issuing them with free land.

Evelyne Wanjugu Kimathi has said Dedan Kimathi foundation is in the process of procuring 59,000 acres of land to resettle the veterans.

The land, she said, will be issued out to more than 8,000 veterans in four phases at a cost of Sh 2.1 billion.

Wanjugu was speaking while issuing out the first instalment of Sh 31 million to Mathira Kihindwi Kahonoki farmers’ association.

“In the agreement that we have signed, the foundation will also be required to clear the remaining balance in a period of six months,” she said.

In the first phase, the freedom fighters will get 12,000 cares, 18,000 in the second phase while the third and fourth phases will see 16,000 and 13,000 acres subdivided consecutively.

Wanjugu said some administrative and political leaders have labelled the programme a scam, dampening the spirit of the freedom fighters who she said have been waiting for the government to assist them in vain.

Beneficiaries are required to register with Sh 5000 which will go towards purchasing the land, she said, noting that majority of those who have registered have done so through the assistance of their children.

The beneficiaries will get an average of three acres depending on its location.

“We are happy that we have been able to pay the first instalment. Those who are saying that we are selling hot air should now see that the procurement process has been set off and end the mistrust,” she said.

She said her foundation has so far managed to collect Sh. 43 million from the contributions and expressed optimism that it will manage to clear the amount it owes to the land sellers in time.

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