VIDEO: Hilarious ‘Imenti Challenge’ song that has got netizens buzzing

It is quite interesting how the twitter trends can inspire lives and call out talents from individuals. Especially Kenyans who apparently thrive in controversial spaces.

Earlier yesterday on the trends was a leaked ‘Lungula’ video that was alleged to have been an incident which happened at the Imenti House one of the popular buildings in Nairobi known for having business stores.

Kenyans yesterday scrambled online in the efforts to get a glimpse of the video to keep up with the trends and what people were discussing about.

Unleashing of memes followed and hilarious ones as a matter of fact even after the news broke that the incident did not even happen at Imenti as many had believed.

Some people online claimed that it was an incident that happened beyond the borders and months ago not even recently.

Kenyans are never late and already we have a song for the incident. A song that would obviously be termed as mediocre music by Dj Pinye  but the youth are already hyping it with all the energy.

Have you seen the Imenti song? have a look

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