Forbidden fruit!!Couple get stuck after sneaky love making

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There was drama  in Keroka town ,Nyamira County after a  couple  got stuck while having illicit sex in a hotel room.

According to the reports, the adulterous pair is made up of a 25-year-old man, who works as a boda boda operator in Keroka and a 30-year-old prominent businesswoman who plies her trade in the same town.

Both the man and woman are married, and have children with their respective spouses.

The lovers’ harrowing day began Sunday morning when the boda boda operator went and picked the woman from her home in Ibacho, and rode with her to Keroka Market, where they booked a lodging facility.

“She wanted to quench her sexual thirst early before opening her business in Keroka Town at 9am,” said a source, who was privy to the Sunday happenings.

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After engaging in throes of passion, the lovers realised that their private parts had clamped, and their attempts to “unlock” proved hard and painful. That was 8am on Sunday.

They squirmed, moved, shifted and twisted on bed. Their efforts still bore no fruits.

At around 1pm after 5 hours since their ‘clamping’, they decided to seek external help by raising the alarm,the lovers screamed at the top of their voices, attracting the attention of the lodging attendants and other customers, who broke into the room and found the two writhing from pain.

Police officers from Keroka post were called to the scene and wrapped the stuck couple in bed sheets and carried them to a witchdoctor’s den in Ibacho, where they were set free from each other.

The couple was later driven to Keroka police post. What followed thereafter remains unclear.

Not so long another couple in Kitale town got stuck after  while having sex in a hotel room.The two are said to have locked themselves up in a room at Baraka Hotel Kitale,but were soon heard shouting begging for help.According to reports, the man’s wife who hails from Lodwar was in Kitale for business when the incident took place.

The fiery wife informed the police that she noted her landlady went missing every time her husband went to Kitale for business appointments.

The astounding coincidence became her caution light and she suspected there was a thing between the two. She confronted her husband who denied it.

The wife then opted to seek witch doctor services who set a trap which later transpired in a turn of events.

The management of the hotel contacted the police who hurriedly came to carry the ‘couple’ to the police station. The man’s wife then arrived moments later.

The witch doctor was then prevailed upon to separate them.

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