Diamond’s father seeks for his son’s attention

Diamond Platnumz’ father, Abdul Juma is in critical condition and all he needs is his son’s love and attention.

It is not the first time he is seeking Diamonds attention in interviews and so far, nothing much has happened. For the longest time now, the father of the bongo star has been pleading for help to treat this predicament.

Juma says even though his son is ranked as one of the richest Tanzanian celebs, he has gotten no help.

When i started doing interviews, i thought i’d change my son’s stand who is said to be one of the richest in tanzania.

Juma, Diamonds father is not living in the best conditions despite all the riches Diamond has scooped over the years as a huge artiste.

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Despite the fact that they are not in each other’s life actively, Juma still believes that when things get tough for Diamond, he can always find a home where his father lives now

Even though i have a famous son in and out of the country, my life is just like this. I live in a simple house that i believe if ever diamond gets stuck in life, he will come to live here because this is home.

The fact that the two do not have an active relationship, it really bothers Diamonds father.

I ask myself what wrong have i ever done?

He says the last time he and the son spoke was when Diamond was dating former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu. This was a while back considering from then there have been so many other including our very own Tanasha Donna who is now enjoying the Diamonds rich lifestyle.

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