Tension in Uganda as Police begin fresh Bobi Wine Hunt down


Uganda is in tension yet again after police began a fresh hunt down for a leading critic of President Museveni; Bobi Wine.

The police raided city hotel where Bobi Wine and his team were resting ahead of last night’s  show, which was to take place at Jinja.

Bobi Wine revealed on his twitter page that the police managed to arrest many of their team members. He on the other hand escaped leaving the police  surrounding the entire neighborhood looking for him.


Bobi Wine shared his concern saying that he did not understand why police decided to hunt him down in the night yet they were in Jinja for a larger part of the day.

“We arrived in Jinja in broad daylight to a massive and peaceful reception by our friends here. I wonder why police waited for darkness to fall before starting to carry out these evil plans! We shall overcome!”

The police also ordered his team out of Jinja town on gun-point, and escorted them up to Lugazi.

Bobi Wine also revealed that the police at that point of arrest had beaten some of his team members, before arresting & dragging them onto police pick-up cars and driven them to unknown destinations for no offence whatsoever.


With the knowledge  that the police were looking for him everywhere, Bobi Wine also added that he will not avail himself  to them.

Last night, most roads were blocked by the police in search for him. Wine insisted that it is time that Ugandans unite and end the injustice in their country.


“I will try not to avail myself to them- Arua is still fresh in our minds, & we know what they can do. But this injustice must end and we must put it to an end by ourselves.” reads tweet

The fearless Bobi Wine was arrested & brutally tortured along with other opposition politicians earlier in August. After his released, there was hope that this was the end of it.

This is however not the case as Wine remains in the hiding and continues to urge the people of Uganda not to keep mute over unjust acts.

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