Femi One: Msupa S is not an artist she is a comedian

Femi One has responded to an  attack by Msupa S which she had earlier said that Femi One is poor and talentless.

This was during the 10 over 10 interview; Femi one said that according to her Msupa S is just a comedian and not an artists.

For the troll, she says that it was just like a wave ‘githeri man’ which was just passing.

Meanwhile Msupa S has been trying to thrive in controversy as she takes up on trolling artists for the sake of fame.

A couple weeks ago, she threw shade on Vera Sidika’s online boyfriend drama which never  really saw the light of day having that people shut it out.

Femi released her new jam 5 days ago dubbed ‘Tembe’  a hot flame that was so hyped.

I think people have learnt to choose their battles wisely because the last time someone dissed me, you have never heard about them again.

Speaking on the issue of supporting Kenyan music, Femi One advised that Kenyans should be selfish with their own music and support each other.

The issue of supporting Kenyan music has been a hot debate as from last week.

Kenyans artists have been complaining that  they do not get the support they need from the media which is not in line with the agreement set.

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