Video:The Secret gift George Bush gave Michelle Obama on his fathers funeral

George W. Bush gives Michelle Obama a mint or cough drop at George H.W. Bush's funeral

Former US President George Bush managed to exchange a light moment with former US first lady Michelle Obama despite the sombre mood that had clouded the funeral.

The funeral was attended by US top most politicians led by the Current President Donald Trump and the former US president Barrack Obama. The two were accompanied by their spouses in the marking the final journey of the life well lived.

The exchange of what seemed like a good luck charm and of appreciation by the former President Bush, is one of the presidency tradition.

The gesture harkens back to a similar moment at Sen. John McCain’s funeral back in September, when Bush handed Obama a cough drop.

This time around, Bush leaned over a seat while exchanging pleasantries and appeared to make a point of giving Obama a mint or cough drop (or perhaps something else).


After Bush handed the cough drop to Obama at McCain’s funeral, the moment went viral. The former first lady later explained to TODAY she and Bush have a special connection.

“President Bush and I, we are forever seatmates because of protocol, and that’s how we sit at all the official functions,” Obama said. “He’s my partner in crime at every major thing where all the ‘formers’ gather. So we’re together all the time.”


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