Pastor Kanyari resurface with brand new name

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Pastor Victor Kanyari’s name is not new,every Kenyan knows him following 310 ‘mbegu’ scandal, however the self proclaim man of God has changed his  identity in new re-brand strategy.

The infamous Salvation Healing Ministry preacher will now be addressed as Bishop Mwangi.

Under the new guise, he is asking congregants for Kshs 250 as seed offering, perhaps as a show of his new elevated status.

However, he did not disclose the reason behind repackaging but some see it as a detachment from his original identity that was soiled.

According to reporters at The Standard, he has been broadcasting half-hour audio clips that are aired on Radio Jambo between 4.45 am and 5.10 am.

Among the problems and ailments he claims to heal on air through prayers include broken marriages, asthma, failing businesses, unemployment, desire for big cars and plots and liberating those who have been bewitched.

Kanyari was in the limelight after being exposed for performing fake miracles using potassium permanganate, which turns purple when dissolved in water.

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He preyed on unsuspecting churchgoers to make them believe that he possessed superior powers to help them prosper in life.

Kanyari solicited Kshs 310 from believers and promised that he would perform miracles for them.

The exposé elicited anger from Kenyans who recommended the police to arrest him but the calls did not materialise as nobody filed a complaint.

Is Pastor Kanyari’s re-brand a strategy to win back the hearts of Kenyans?

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