How a krimino easily perpetrated his escape from Kenyan jail

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Imagine what would be of the situation if convicts roamed free with the general citizens yet their mind still dark as before the committing of atrocious crimes. Scary right?, well this is the kind of fear residents are living in after the escape of a criminal from jail.

Police are pursuing a convict who escaped from Kendege Prison in Kuria East, Migori County on Wednesday evening.

The inmate, who has been serving a three-year jail term, was cleaning the prison’s compound in the company of other convicts when he jumped over the fence and escaped into a nearby thicket.

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Kuria East OCPD Hamed Abdikadir said the inmate, who is a resident of the area, had been jailed a month ago after he was found guilty of stealing a motorcycle.

The disappearance of the convict comes a week after four remandees jumped from a police vehicle which was ferrying them from Rongo Law Courts to the Migori GK prison.

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The four remandees, who disappeared into a neighboring sugarcane plantation at Stella area in Uriri Sub-County are still on the run.

Police have urged members of the public to volunteer information that could lead to the arrest of the escapees.

Escaping from prison has been portrayed in various blockbuster action films such as A Mere Walk in the Park and Prison Break.

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All you have to do according to these epic films is trick a friendly prison guard, do a few somersaults in the air and clobber him unconscious before grabbing his bunch of keys and unlocking the handcuffs.

Next, you scale tall perimeter walls while braving a hail of live fire from prison guards before jumping into a waiting chopper on the other side of the fence. That is the standard procedure we see in movies but Kenyans keep surprising as with their non professional simple escapes.

Do you think the prisoner will be nabbed by the police?

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