Fruits of handshake? The number of senior Kalenjins who have been arrested is worrying

Outgoing Kenya Pipeline Managing director Joe Sang with other officials addressing the press at the company's offices in Nairobi in June 5, 2018. /SAM KISIKA

There have been deliberate attempts by some people in government to paint Deputy President William Ruto as the most corrupt Kenyans that has ever been born. These cartels have even gone ahead to pay fake companies to contact opinion polls to achieve this purpose.

But it seems this agenda has failed, and in their desperate attempts, the cartels are now going after senior kalenjins in government.

The recent arrest of Kenya Pipeline company MD Joe Sang over corruption allegations has added to the growing list of Kalenjins to be arrested over malicious reasons.

Sang was arrested on Friday morning over corruption cases some of them spinning back to 2014, a time when he was not in office. KPC is on the spot for the multi-billion Kisumu oil jetty scam and the loss of 21 million litres of oil in the past two years.

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Even though these are big cases, there is no evidence that directly links Sang to the crimes. It is also surprising at the timing of his arrest. On Wednesday Sang announced that he will not be seeking  a second term in office once his current term expires in April. So why is he being arrested now?

The DCI has made a deliberate attempt of arresting senior government officials on Fridays, so that they can fail to get bail in time and spend the weekend in custody.

Since the infamous March 9th handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his brother Raila Odinga, several Kalenjins have been arrested. Was this part of the deal?

Kenya Power and Lighting Company MD Ken Tarus was arrested in July over the KPLC Scandal. NCPB CEO Newton Terer is also facing graft charges.

We want the government to fight corruption but targeting one community is not the way to go.

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