Why beggars will beg from their own homes

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People’s Life survival tactics will ranges so much because its a tough world and everybody must wants to survive.Well there are those who  sweat it, and then there are those who steal it and lastly there are those who beg for it.

Although most don’t trust the beggars on the streets who have on many occasions been exposed for fooling people into believing their deplorable conditions when in real sense they were in perfect state to hunt for their own cash, many still opt to join the business.

Migori County Commander, Joseph Nthenge has ordered for the deportation of all Tanzanian nationals who beg for a living in the streets of Migori town.

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Nthenge said that the beggars are in Kenya illegally and they must be returned to their own country.

“This should pass as a warning to individuals who have been ferrying beggars to and from Migori County, we are going to arrest and prosecute any persons living with disability from Tanzania who will be found begging in the streets of Migori County” he said.

He further added that the arrest and prosecution of the people living with disability begging in the streets will not spare Kenyans either.

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The deportation order comes a day after the Chairperson of Persons with disability at the Migori County Assembly, Esther Onana raised concern over the influx of Tanzanians living with disability begging in the streets of Migori.

Ms. Onana said that they are not going to allow anybody living with disability to beg in the streets of Migori and that Kenyans living with disability should make use of the empowerment program from the government so that they can be self reliant.

Last year acting on a tip-off, police and the immigration officials on Wednesday evening rounded up 11 beggars.The 11 included disabled men and women aged between 25 and 35 years.

A beggar at Lions Gardens in Nakuru Town.

According to an immigration official who led the crackdown, the Tanzanian beggars were picked up from Nakuru town’s main street – Kenyatta Avenue.

“There must be someone organising the entry of these beggars into the town centre.

“It appears that they are being dropped at specific (points) very early in the morning and picked up late in the evening,” said the official.

The beggars are used by the syndicate to collect money from the public.

Do you believe those ferrying the beggars will hid to the warning?

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