WCB to sponsor Harmonize Ex girlfriend birthday

WCB  has announced their plan to make it rain during Jacqueline Wolper’s Birthday.

In a poster they recently shared the Wasafi Team has shared the details of the birthday which is set to take place on Thursday 6th of December.

Wolper who is the Ex girlfriend to Harmonize has had close links with the Wasafi team for quite sometime and even on her Instagram page she hypes most of the Wasafi events.

Jacqueline Wolper even accompanied Diamond and his team during the Wasafi Festival and netizens went buzzing that it was in the effort to rekindle her love with Tanzanian Singer Harmonize.

Ignorance maybe because apparently she is working with the Wasafi Team. In one of the photos online, Jacqueline calls Diamond Platinumz ‘boss’.

The Birthday Bash is set to take place in Club Mwenge  and some of the popular artists are expected to attend.

Earlier today, Harmonize addressed the rumours  that he  is back with Wolper saying that she is not his queen anymore and just being spotted together does not mean that they are back together.

Meanwhile  the party plans are underway and Wasafi has promised that it will be one of the baddest parties. WCB is however not the only sponsor others also come in play.

This time will not be so differently probably better than how it was last year. Wolper comes off as a lady who loves fun and  tomorrow will be one of those big days.


Diamond also teased the Tanzanian actress saying that if it is difficult for him to decide on what to wear tomorrow then he wonders what the ladies are going through.

Diamond also  hinted that there will be a red carpet specifically for the occasion. Last year, the Tanzanian beauty celebrated in a grand luxurious party as many stars including Diamond Platinumz graced the event.

Have a look at how she spent her previous birthday.


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