How to Get a Fake Degree in Kenya; As easy as A, B, C

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Hey come on guys, why do you want to get a fake degree? When you can go to one of these private universities and get one at a cheaper price.

Anyway, we both know there are several fake degrees in circulation. Not only that, some people have forged KCSE and KCPE certificates. But how do you get this? Perhaps the following details will give you a clue.

Police have unearthed a criminal organisation that produces forged degree certificates in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, and arrested four suspects.

They said affected institutions include Moi, Mount Kenya and University of Eldoret. Others are Eldoret National Polytechnic and Olesos Technical Training institute whose diploma certificates the group had been forging.

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The suspects are four men who run a cyber cafe in Eldoret town.

They are believed to have established close links with unscrupulous employees at the affected institutions.

Their racketeering involves mass production of fake degree and diploma certificates, using logos of the affected institutions, and sale to interested parties at exorbitant prices.

Eldoret South police boss William Abduba said the suspects were arrested at Langas estate following concern by employers in parts of western Kenya about job seekers presenting fake documents.

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“The arrests were as a result of investigations following tips from some employers and members of the public on the circulation of fake degree and diploma certificates,” Mr Abduba said on Wednesday.

The Kerio Development Authority (KVDA) recently terminated the services of employees found to have used fake certificates from Moi University to secure employment and promotions.

In March, about 132 people were apprehended after they were found with fake admission letters at the Moi Barracks Recruits Training College in Eldoret.

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