How Samburu Youth are Smoking Weed like there is no tomorrow

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Residents of Samburu East Sub County on Wednesday took to the streets to protest rampant selling and consumption of bhang and other drugs in Wamba town.

Religious leaders and Maendeleo ya Wanawake representatives said the illegal business was negatively impacting the community with the youth being majorly affected.

Chairperson of Maendeleo ya Wanawake in the region Rosal Lororwa and Religious Leaders’ Association deputy chairperson Stephen Larmoko said a number of people had lost their lives this year as parents flee from their violent bhang smoking children.

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“It is so sad that some people are forced to leave their villages and towns to escape being attacked by their children who have become junkies,” said Larmoko.

“The health of many youths in the town has been affected and their future ruined as a result of smoking bhang.”

The community led by Religious Leaders’ Association coordinator Rev. Joseph Lemidi and Mr Larmako directed a local trader suspected to be a drug peddler to vacate Wamba town or stop the illegal trade.

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“We welcome anyone who is coming with an idea that will benefit our children, women and men, not an idea that will finish us,” said Rev Lemidi.

“Putting a stop to drug trafficking in the town is really proving difficult as high profiled people are involved in the business.”

They two groups also called on the National and County Government to intervene and save the youth by taking actions that would put a stop to the bhang business in the town.

“I ask County and National government to use any means to fight bhang business in this town so that we can move together with our fellow Kenyans in building the nation,” said Larmoko.

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