Bedroom bullies: conjugal rights lands a man in jail

Of late, we have had many cases of domestic violence as a result of husbands or wives being denied conjugal rights, A man has been found guilty of murder after he brutally killed his girlfriend by stabbing her several times in the private parts for declining to have sex with him.

In her judgment, Justice Roselyne Korir found that James Mulu Mulewa killed his girlfriend Mercy Muthethya Ngali and that the prosecution had proven beyond all measurable doubt that he indeed committed the offense.

Mulu was charged for killing Ngali on February 27 2012 in Mathare.

He followed the girl from the stage to her mother’s house where he attempted to rape her when she refused his sexual advances.

The accused went ahead and tore his girlfriend’s underclothes then forced himself on her but when he failed to rape her, he became wild and pulled a knife from his pocket that he used to stab her.

James Mulewa found guilty of murdering his fiancee Mercy Ngali by stabbing her 16 times in her private parts, lower abdomen in 2012 in Nairobi.

The judge noted that Mulu viciously attacked the defenseless woman who had laid in her mother’s bed at the time of the assault.

Judge Korir said that the accused committed a heinous act of pouring anger on an innocent girl who lost her precious life at a tender age.

The court also ruled that the accused had intentionally planned to end the life of his girlfriend, when he followed her to her mother’s house, locked the doors, tried to rape her and eventually stabbed her six times on the abdomen destroying her liver and also stabbing her private parts leading to excessive bleeding.

In his mitigation, Mulu pleaded with the court for leniency saying that he has reformed and has even undertaken theological studies.

However, the DPP asked the court to hand him the mandatory death sentence for committing a heinous and brutal crime.

State Counsel Charles Okeyo asked the court not to have leniency and mercy on Mulu who his girlfriend without provocation.

According to Okeyo, the mandatory death sentence will serve as a warning to men who have no respect for women.

Mulu will be sentenced on December 5.

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