EACC & Police Hunt For DCI Officers For This SHOCKING Reason

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the police have launched a manhunt for two police officers who were caught soliciting for bribe from a foreign national. A statement from the EACC, posted on twitter page has identified the duo as Julius Oguma and Charles Macharia. EACC has further revealed that the two who are DCI officers are attached to Kabete Police Station.

Statement reads: “Officers this evening laid a trap operation for DCI officers Mr. Julius Oguma Service No. 79715 and PC Charles Macharia Service No. 95924 from Kabate Police Station. The two suspects demanded 1 Million bribe from a foreigner.”

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The statement paints a dramatic picture of how the two suspects were ‘rescued’ by their colleagues, shortly after the EACC had arrested them. It says that a group of DCI officers from Kabete Police Station stormed the scene and fired several rounds of ammunition, scaring the EACC officers and aiding the escape of the suspects.

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According to the EACC, the suspects escaped with Sh 100,000 while handcuffed. It further indicates that Kabete DCIO is helping the EACC to pursue and arrest the suspects.


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