Dennis Itumbi comes to Jowie’s defence

The Director of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication in the Office of the President Dennis Itumbi has now come forwatrd to defend Jackie Maribe’s fiance Jowie Irungu over torture claims at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

Taking to his social Media facebook Page Itumbi said, “Jowie tells Court: “I am being tortured at Kamiti…”

Court: Prosecution should investigate the claims. A Kenyan is saying he has been tortured. We should not debate. Go investigate

Jowie: I have also not been treated, because Government has pending bills to Kenyatta. I am willing to pay for my medication. I pray that I get admitted for surgery today.

Prisons: It is logistically impossible to take him to hospital today. We do not have a car and we have to write to Commissioner of Prisons to allocate a guard at hospital.

Doctor: He is visibly in pain. His hand is wasting away. He is sick. Please treat it as an emergency

Prosecution: No objection.

Court: Surely, we cannot hold a man in need of medication. What if he dies in our hands? Is it possible to allow the family to produce a car and prisons provide guard. I order that the accused be admitted at KNH today, whether Gvt owes KNH money or not. No fee should be demanded from the accused. If he is not admitted today, the court will allow him to seek medical treatment at a hospital of his choice. It is so ordered.”


Itumbi’s post came after also claimed that the had not received treatment as the court had directed before and his hand was in bad shape, something that the doctors confirmed.

During the bail hearing, Judge Wakianga as much as he refered to Jowie as male version of Slay king and woman eater, he was very serious on having Jowie be taken to hospital for treatment, however this has not been followed as his hand now is in a bad condition.

Earlier on the Prison had indicated that he could not receive medical treatment as they had balance at the hospital.




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