Why Police Officers need to have PR as part of their syllabus


Kenyans have raised a hot debate on whether police officers go through a public relations syllabus as part of their recruitment criteria.

ODM director of communications, Philip Etale has mentioned that the reason why the police need PR lessons is because they are allegedly taught to be bullies and no nonsense people.

He also added that they need the public relations skills so that they may know how to deal with the general public.

In many instances, police have been on the receiving end for being accused of taking bribes and mishandling innocent Kenyans.

Recently, rogue police officers have been put on the spot after the Ministry of Internal Security and Coordination CS; Fred Matiang’i issued a notice to warn them over extorting money from Kenyans.

Matiang’i ordered  that Kenyans should not let that happen and should report any cases and complaints through the anonymous reporting information  system app which was launched recently.

Matiang’i emphasized that they want to clean the police force and get rid of the police officers who will be found culpable of corrupt dealings.

He also urged Kenyans to report their complaints directly to the number issued so that action may be taken. A section of Kenyans had began to feel like the police are above the law.

Matiangi’s remarks has turned the tables and police will now get a taste of their own medicine if found on the wrong side of the law.

Personally I agree with Philip Etale’s statement since Kenyans have expressed their frustration on how the entire police system had tired them of how they treat Kenyans and extort money from them.

If this PR is already a skill that counts to qualify them to be police officers then they should probably start making good use of it.


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