Poverty has limited my imagination! A mansion with 20 garages and a private jet! What a luxury life Ronaldo is living!

Portuguese superstar C. Ronaldo has created a lot of crazy records and data, but today we will not talk about his performance on the pitch or his football talents. We are going to have a look on his wealth.

From private jets to various luxury cars, the Portuguese are very happy to enjoy life. Not long ago, at the press conference before Juventus against Manchester United, C Ronaldo wore a watch decorated with 424 diamonds about 15.25 carats. The watch is worth more than 2 million euros.

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When he went to London for a holiday, Cristiano Ronaldo took his own private jet. It took about 31.7 million euros for the Portuguese striker to buy that jet. When taking a holiday in London, Ronaldo and his family stayed at Bulgari, one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, with a room rate of about 10,000 euros per night.

Juventus star’s mansion in Turin has a private gym, a refrigerated treatment cabin for restoring the body, and 20 garages. C. Ronaldo’s favorite luxury car Bugatti Veyron (limited edition) is worth about 3 million Euros with a speed up to 460km / h. Besides, he also has Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Audi and Lamborghini and other luxury cars.

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In fact, the income of the Portuguese can fully support his spend. C. Ronaldo’s annual salary is about 31 million euros, which is equivalent to 75,000 euros per day, 3,500 euros per hour and 1 euro per second . In addition, Nike, one of Ronaldo’s main sponsors, will give him an endorsement fee of 24 million euros a year. Other sponsorship fees, including Herbalife, DAZN, etc., are about 100 million euros in total. Not to mention that Ronaldo himself has invested a lot in hotels, restaurants, museums, etc., and he even has his own underwear and clothing brand.



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