“Corruption is everywhere!” Maraga tells off critics

Chief Justice David Maraga. He has criticised social media users for always finding fault in the Judiciary. /FILE

Chief Justice David Maraga has decried the growing criticism being leveled against the Judiciary. Maraga said he was shocked by comments made on social media when he presided over magistrates’ oath-taking.

Speaking at the Nyando law courts on Friday when he presided over the opening of a new court building, the Chief Justice said the attacks were unfair and undeserved.

Even where compliments were due, individual officers and the Judiciary in general were being vilified, he said. “Corruption is all over the country; we have sacked quite a number of judicial officers. We are not hiding them,” he said.

The Chief Justice reaffirmed his commitment to the war on corruption, but said he will stand by judicial officers who are unfairly attacked.

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“If they are caught doing anything wrong, they must be punished. But I will defend them if they are just being vilified by people whom they have made rulings against,” he said.

Maraga said social media has been particularly hostile to him, some even referring to him as “the high priest of corruption”.

He also made reference to media articles on the “rot in the Judiciary” in reference to the Organizational Review Report launched by the Judiciary last week, which recommended a raft of changes in its structures, including how courts are organised.

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“Instead of praising us for restructuring ourselves to serve wananchi better, they are attacking us. We have only reviewed our structures to facilitate greater efficiency in the delivery of services to the people,” Maraga said. “If by doing the right thing this is what I become, so be it.”

Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor said the DPP should argue his cases before court and leave judicial officers to make determinations and not always expect rulings in his favour.

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The Nyando building is the second court building launched this year. Early this month, the Chief Justice opened a new building in Kigumo, Murang’a county.

The CJ said the ongoing constructions signified “our continued determination to facilitate easy access to justice for all Kenyans as one of the key deliverables in our efforts to transform the Judiciary.”

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