Why pastor Ng’ang’a and singer Muhando’s stunt failed

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In the recent years, Rose Muhando has been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, with all kinds of controversies, ranging from drug abuse, abortion and sexual harassment to shady business deals and death threats among others, rather than for her music that catapulted her to fame in 2003.

Yesterday a video of her at Neno Church Evangelism saw her trend again in a show of her being exorcised by demon Ng’ang’a who made 10 demons reveal that they have been hindering her music.

Disappointed Kenyans have taken to twitter to expose were they not convinced by the act calling it a stunt.Most claimed the part where she adjusted her skirt while on the floor was a total failure for someone who is possessed.

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Some of her albums include: Uwe macho,(2004), Jipange Sawasawa(2008), Utamu Wa Yesu(2011),Yesu Kung’uta(2013) Tazama Mungu Anacheka(2015), Kamata Pindo La Yesu(2015) Jitenge na Ruthu(2016) and Jitenge Na Lutu(2017).

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Among her hit songs are ‘Utamu Wa Yesu’, ‘Nampenda Yesu’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Nyota Ya Ajabu’, ‘Mteule Uwe Macho’,’Nibebe’,’Mapenzi’, ‘Yesu Nakupenda’, among others.

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Another touched on her abortion rumor scandal that went viral awhile back saying since the story he has never understood Muhando again.

One user wondered that if 10 demons were stopping Rose Muhando from progressing in her music career then how many demons are ruining the lives of the ordinary persons that haven’t yet excelled to her level.

Do you agree with the critics that the video was a failed stunt?

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