NYS suspects pray to the court to save them from Uhuru

NYS suspects at the Milimani law court on May 29. /COLLINS KWEYU

It is a scandal that goes down in seasons like a movie! Yes, the NYS scandal, and the suspects are now fighting back!

Is there any harm when politicians comment on the scandal? To the Suspects in the Sh226 million NYS scandal, it is very wrong for any politician to comment anything about them. Really?

They have now asked a court to bar politicians from commenting on the case.

Lawyer Assa Nyakundi, for the defence, asked chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti to grant them the prayer.

This came barely days after President Uhuru Kenyatta said that NYS looters must be punished and forced to return stolen cash.

The President, during a pass out parade for over 16,400 servicemen at Gilgil on November 16, said the government will do everything within its power to ensure the monies are recovered.

“We will do everything in our power to ensure that the culpable pay the price and return the stolen resources.”.

Uhuru made the remarks during a pass out parade for NYS servicemen in Gilgil on Friday. Over 16,400 recruits graduated.

Former NYS bosses are in court over the loss of millions of shillings at the agency.

Former Youth PS Lillian Omollo, former director general Richard Ndubai, and 35 others have been charged with theft of Sh226 million NYS funds.

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But their lawyer, in submissions before the magistrate on Wednesday, argued that such sentiments amount to sub judice.

“It is this court that is trying the suspects…not the politicians,” Nyakundi said, “Stop public discussions of this case since they defeat the right to fair trial.”

Citing political interference, the lawyer said the court should be allowed to arrive at a decision on the matter before it without undue influence by politicians.

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NYS has been a subject of the national discourse as leaders demand accountability on the side of those mandated to run the agency.

With all these fear about the President Kenyatta’s comment, do you think the suspects by any chance are responsible for the loss of the money?

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