Stranded!! Skillful thief disappears with governors briefcase at the airport

Image result for rome pickpocketersWho said Nairobi has skilled pickpockets than Rome ?

One of the greatest concerns to tourists in Rome – which can sometimes give the city a pretty bad reputation – are the dreaded pickpockets.

The good news is that Rome is a very safe city for tourists. Mugging is almost unheard-of unlike in Nairobi , though obviously taking the kind of sensible precautions that you’d take in any other city is advisable (e.g. don’t wander around alone in dark alleyways in sketchy areas at night and so on).

But we’re not going to lie – Roman pickpockets really are skilful, and tourists are usually their target and kenyan politician was not left out by the tricky pickers.

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Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi is reportedly still in Italy, even after getting his emergency travel documents.

A close ally of the governor who spoke on condition of anonymity said the county boss is yet to return to the country.

“Unfortunately I cannot tell the reason for his continued stay in Italy but the information I have is that he received all the required documents,” said the aide.

Last Saturday, the governor lost his travel documents after a thief disappeared with his briefcase that contained his two passports and a laptop.

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In a WhatsApp message he sent to the reporter from Rome, the governor said the mishap at the airport as he arrived from Brussels.

“My briefcase containing my two passports was stolen upon arrival at the airport in Italy on November 17 for the Hyper Power meeting. I had to report the theft to the airport police and our embassy in Rome,” he said in the text message.

He said the embassy processed his emergency travel documents which he received on Monday morning.Image result for monkey thief gif

“I am glad that the embassy in Rome processed my emergency travel documents. There is therefore no cause for alarm as everything is now fine,” the governor said.

In the text message, the governor attached a photo of a smartly dressed man walking away with the briefcase “That is the thief who stole my briefcase containing the passports as shown in the Airport CCTV,” Governor Kingi said.

What is the governor still doing in Rome or did he plan his robbery to overstay?

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