Sharon Otieno murders now want to kill Raila Odinga’s most trusted ally

Image result for Junet Mohammed railaSuna East legislator Junet Mohammed life is in danger , And according to the legislator , those after his blood are non other than the vampires who went for Sharon.

In a statement by the legislator, he acknowledged that he received the threats and he fears no death as a Muslim.

According to police investigations , those linked to the murder of sharon Otieno are  Kanyadoto MCA Lawrence Mula and Mr Michael Oyamo, a personal assistant to Mr Obado, who is also among the two, adding the number of suspects to three.

According to a charge sheet read to Obado by Justice Lessit, the Miguri County chief is accused of having murdered the university student contrary to Sections 203 and 2014 of the Penal Code, a crime that attracts a death sentence upon conviction.

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The only person out on bail among the three are Migori governor Okoth Obado.

This leaves the question

Is Governor Okoth Obado the man after the legislators life and why?

Even though ,Police have questioned 12 people suspected to have played a role in the killing of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.
Suna East legislator Junet Mohammed rose to become opposition leader Raila Odinga’s most trusted ally after the former Prime Minister shaped his political career.Image result for Junet Mohammed raila

Junet was among the two people who accompanied Raila when he met with President Uhuru Kenyatta in a closed-door meeting which lasted close to three hours.

The only other person who was present was the former Prime Minister’s daughter Winnie Odinga.

Junet who started out as a shopkeeper in Migori town is arguably the closest confidante that Raila has today.

Sharon Otieno was killed in a knife attack of such astounding brutality — even the unborn child in her womb suffered stab wounds which likely killed it, according to police officers on the investigation.

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And so audacious was the slaughter of the seven-months pregnant university student that law enforcement bosses in Nairobi have taken a personal interest in the investigation, with the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti leading it and Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor taking charge of the science.

However, It also emerged that Michael Oyamo  told police that he, too, was a victim of kidnap and he had escaped from some abductors. This is contrary to initial reports that he was privy to the girl’s kidnapping.

Image result for dci kenyaDCI boss George Kinoti said about five people who knew about Sharon Otieno’s murder would also have been killed – He said main plotters wanted to eliminate individuals with knowledge of the crime to conceal evidence – Kinoti said their urgent intervention saved lives of targeted individuals

Who then are Sharon murder’s if those in custody are victims of kidnapping ? And are they the people behind threats aimed at Suna East legislator Junet Mohammed?

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