How Ruto’s Purported Appetite For Maize Will Affect the Passage of the Gender Bill

The name of deputy President William Ruto has again surfaced in the midst of the Gender bill storm that seem to have already divided members of Parliament right in the middle with some calling for it’s passage while others have opposed it.

Among those opposing the passage of the bill is Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter who has again dragged the name of Deputy President William Ruto in the bill’s debate.

According to Keter, before anything else is done in the country, the Deputy Presidents office should be investigated over the now famous maize scandal.

Keter joins calls by another Legislator, Joshua Kutuny, who also asked the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate William Ruto with regards to the scandal.

The legislators asked the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji to crack the whip on the country’s second in command and influential officers at Harambee House Annex.

“Farmers, you must know this: most of our problems involving maize and fertilizer have been brought about the Deputy President and his office. We want his office investigated,” Keter said.

With members of Parliament being passed by the President, his deputy and the opposition chief Raila Odinga to ensure that they pass the bill, Keter has unleashed another bombshell that is surely going to have an impact on the bill’s passage.

Alfred Keter says that Kenyans want those involved in the maize and fertiliser scandals persecuted and prices resolved.

“We want DP Ruto’s office investigated over the maize importation and brokers who were illegally paid instead of farmers. Stop telling us about 2022 politics and gender balance…..what balance? We are not balancing anything. Balance things to do with maize, fertiliser and roads first,” Keter lamented.

Keter and other legislators are expected to lead a massive opposition against the 2/3 gender bill, a move that will surely worry Kenyan woman who have had the bill thrown out before.

Deputy President William Ruto has on his part urged the leadership of the House avoid politicising the bill issue adding that: “Our women who form 50 percent of our country’s population deserve an opportunity to be enjoined in the leadership of our great nation.”

Former PM Raila Odinga has also urged Members of Parliament to support the two thirds gender rule Bill.

The Bill will come before the House for the second time after it was shot down the first time in a well-calculated move where male MPs embargoed the vote thereby denying the obligatory numbers to have it pass.

“Raila Odinga urges all members of parliament to stand up for the Constitution and for women by voting for the Bill when it comes up this week,” reads the statement sent by the former premier’s spokesperson Dennis Onyango.

Is Keter justified in dragging Ruto’s name even in the 2/3 gender bill debate?

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