New beef alert!Bongo star fires back at Jaguar

Image result for harmonizeDays after Kenyan  singer and politician Jaguar criticized Tanzanian singer Harmonize after he fail to perform at Cheget Festivals in Eldoret yet fans had waited for him all night long.

Bongo star has bashed Jaguar saying he shoudn’t have sided with the promoters but instead listened to his side of the story first.

“Jaguar should have tried to reach out to me as the artiste or even my management like he did to the promoters.Nilihisi kana kwamba Jaguar amenibagua labda kwa sababu sitoki Kenya lakini anafaa ajue kua sisi wote ni wasanii wa East Africa.”said Harmonize.

Adding that “I respect his work and his music, which I started listening to when I was still in school. Things happen and I would have explained to him so well.”

The Bongo star further stated that Jaguar should have gone on radio with information from both sides.

“I felt so bad when I heard about him commenting on radio. Kama msanii, namheshimu sana na pia ni mtu anaheshimika pia na watu, and what he says makes a great impact on people. Yeye ni kiongozi wa wasanii ila sio wa promoters.”

Adding that the lawmaker  needs to watch what he says about fellow artistes because he is a leader with a huge following.

He said he was fully prepared for the show but the organizers had poor planning from the onset.

“Nilifanya hadi roadshow in preparation of the show na sound check and was fully prepared, but at 1am I was told the show will not happen because the promoters were to pay the contract which they had not honored. They had not arranged even my flight to Eldoret. I mean it was poorly done.” he said. 

During an interview with Citizen TV host Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Jaguar said that Harmonize should have performed in Eldoret even though the promoter failed to honor their agreement.

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