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President Kenyatta today officially launched the Kenya Coast Guard Service at Liwatoni, Mombasa County today but very few of us know what it is all about or what benefit it will be to us as Kenyans. Well, if you’re still green about it, don’t worry about it. Here’s a breakdown of what this whole  Kenya Coast Guard Service buzz is all about.


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First, it’s important to know that the Kenya Coast Guard Service (KCGS) is a multi-agency security service established under the Kenya Coast Guard Service Act, 2018 to enforce law and order in Kenya’s territorial waters.

Kenya’s territorial waters comprises: all natural water resources within the borders, waters within 12 nautical miles of the country’s shoreline and Kenyan’s exclusive economic zone which is 200 nautical miles beyond the territorial sea.

The KCGS will be based in Liwatoni Mombasa with a strong presence in Lamu, Kisumu, and Mombasa ports.


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Brigadier Vincent Naisho Loonena made history when he was appointed by President Kenyatta as the founding Director General of KCGS. Brig. Loonena is responsible for the day to day administration, management and control of the resources, overall command of the disciplined and uniformed service, oversees and implements the policies of the service.


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The Kenya Coast Guard Service will protect Kenya’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zone from illegal invasion or exploitation. This includes, illegal and unregulated fishing, border disputes, piracy, human and drug trafficking, illicit trade, smuggling contraband goods, degradation of the marine ecosystems, through discharge of oil or dumping of toxic waste, sand harvesting destruction of coral reefs.

The KCGS will also ensure that vessels, seafarers and all users in the sea have the necessary licenses approving their operations at sea, whether work, leisure or business.

This initiative is expected to strengthen the Kenyan border with a larger and related goal of mitigating its risks of transnational organized crime through increased trans-border intelligence and information sharing. As a result, the service will contribute significantly to managing migration, improve internal security and prevent of cross border crime.


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Speaking during the launch of the KCGS today morning, President Uhuru Kenyatta explained that the service would play a pivotal role in unlocking the potential of fishing activities at the coast. He further described this milestone as part of the broader Blue Economy strategy that will ensure no illegal fishing or other activities take place within the Kenyan coast.

The overall aim of activating the Blue Economy is to double GP growth over the next 5-15 years. The launch of KCGS provides a shift in focus and a huge recognition of the economic potential of our water based resources and the need to secure and exploit them to our countries economic development.


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Other than maritime security, the newly formed service will be responsible for pollution control, sanitation measures, search and rescue services, and the arrest of illegal fishermen.

During the launch, President Kenyatta also commissioned MV Doria, the vessel that will be used by the Service to patrol the country’s territory along the Indian Ocean. According to reports, Kenya loses a huge amount of it’s annual revenue due to illegal and criminal activities at sea therefore, the Coast Guard Service is expected to keep the seashores safe from aggression and illegal commercial activities.


Do you think the impact of the Kenya Coast Guard Service will be felt by Kenyans?


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