5 KCSE candidates arrested as CS Amina announced KCPE results

The could not chose a better day to be arrested. Five KCSE candidates were on Monday arrested as Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed announced the KCPE exam results.
The five students from Maragua Muslim Girls Secondary School, Murang’a were caught with phones in the exam room.

County Commissioner John Elungata confirmed that the authorities had siezed four phones from the students and were still searching for 22 others believed to be in the school.

The police recovered phone chargers as well as a receipt of purchase for the phones.

Initial investigations have shown that the students were taking photos of exam papers and sending them to unidentified persons who would later send answers to questions on the paper.

Elungata further conveyed that the invigilators and supervisors were under investigation adding that they must have been culpable.

The commissioner added that the authorities were investigating whether the exam irregularity had taken place since the KCSE exams begun.

“Examinations are closely monitored and the security agents notified us after noting something fishy happening inside the examination room.

“There seems to be a plot between the students and the invigilators but the investigations will guide us on that,” Elungata stated.

During Monday’s announcement, CS Amina announced that four pupils who were found cheating during the 2018 KCPE season would be given a chance to retake the exam. Maybe the five will be given another chance after so many warnings.

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