Shock!!Gangs in police uniform terrorizing Kisauni residents

At least 6 people were killed following a series of attacks allegedly conducted by an armed gang wearing police uniform in parts of Kisauni.

The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett has addressed the security situation in Kisauni, Mombasa County following robbery incidences over the weekend.

Speaking in Mombasa County on Sunday, the IG stated that the insecurity in the area had been contained and that officers were pursuing the suspected attackers.

“We have heard that there is a group that is causing trouble in parts of Kisauni. The officers here have strategised and we are committed to ensuring criminal elements are subjected to the full force of the law,” stated the IG.

Kisauni sub-county Commissioner Kipchumba Ruto had confirmed the attacks saying that on Thursday four people including a wife and a husband were killed by the gang.

Ruto further revealed that the gangsters used a motorbike during the attack at Kasarani area in Kisani.

The criminals are said to have returned to the area on Friday killing two more people at Kidgaya in Junda ward.

Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo expressed his concerns over the security situation in the area appealing to local to volunteer information and support police officers in combating crime.

The legislator also asked intelligence personnel to probe the sudden upsurge in insecurity in the County.

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