Watch Out New Collaborated Song Of Babu Owino and Nebulazz [VIDEO]

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has released a new song in a partnership with Kenyan artist Nebulazz.

The song titled Dis Gal talks about qualities that girls should have and features popular sound bites from the MP where he uses English words that are quite a mouthful.


The upbeat track also features mentions of the words ‘Kanini Kega’ which is Kikuyu for (Little good one) and also the name of the Kieni Member of Parliament.

The lawmaker stated that he wanted to show his fun side and chose music as the way to do it.

He also clarified that the song wasn’t referring to his parliamentary counterpart whose birth name is Simon Mathenge.

He added that he chose to do the song with Nebulazz because he was a fan of the up and coming artist and wanted to promote his art.


The song that is on Youtube seems to resonate well with the public because it has been getting positive reviews.

Prince Jay 254 wrote on the comments section that “Neb take this from me, this is the next big thing……now that’s what I call real art”

Kibet Henry tweeted, “Wow it’s dope, enjoying the song all the way from West Pokot County, tibim Owino sirkal”

Ramadhan Kajembe was of the opinion that “tibim…. honourable comrades…. his tibimness is addressing us in the easiest language we can understand.”

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